PF Martin Geben, '14 PF, offered by Notre Dame & Maryland today

Martin Geben

Geben, a 6'8 220lb PF from Class of 2014 receives mutliple offers today following AAU practice


This afternoon another member of Team Takeover received an offer from a major program; this time it was PF Martin Geben, who received a pair of offers from Notre Dame & Maryland - both programs are in the midst of conference changes in the near future with ND shifting all sports besides football to the ACC, while Maryland is ironically leaving the ACC & moving to the Big Ten for all sports.  Geben, who hails from Maryland, has mostly drawn interest from mid-major programs at this point in time as today's offers are the only two from BCS caliber conferences he has received thus far.  Geben seems to be getting more attention as the days go by, building a solid reputation from his AAU practice performances.

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