Boys Latin and Loyola Blakefield Championship

Earlier this May, No. 1 Boys' Latin took on No. 4 Loyola Blakefield for the A Conference lacrosse championship title.  The game was held on May 17th at Towson University in Johnny Unitas Stadium.  The Lakers, Boys' Latin, led by coach Bob Shriver, entered this game off of an undefeated season, expected to blow the Loyola Dons away.  The Lakers were off to a good start, with goals from Shack Stanwick and Devin Shewell, two sophomores with commitments to Johns Hopkins, and acquired a 7 to 4 lead at the half.  However, with just over two minutes left in the game, the Dons, led by coach Jack Crawford, were able to tie the game with a goal from Tim Nordbrook, and went on to win the championship game!  The game winning goal was scored by Devin McNamara, a junior with a verbal commitment to Villanova University. 

This game has become the upset of the season for Maryland private school lacrosse.  Many fans expected the Lakers to win based on the alone fact that they have 15 players headed to Division I lacrosse programs: Michael Lynch, Bryan Lichtenauer, Ben Pridemore, Andrew Roswell, Mac Pons, Christian Knight, Jake Walsh, Walker Ensor, Casey Rees, Greg Sheetz, Taylor Davis, Kolby Caplin, Chad Greenberg, Ben Levin, and Tom Brown.  While the Dons only have 4 players moving up to Division I: Bennett Bradley, Cole Luthy, Devin McNamara, and Kevin O'Toole.

This was a devastating loss for Boys Latin, especially their seniors, after winning 19 straight games and being ranked No. 1 in the nation by the Nike/US Lacrosse Top 25 poll.  No one really thought that Loyola would even be a playoff contender, after only being awarded the final playoff seed after Mount St. Joseph upset St. Mary's in a double-overtime game.  

Congratulations on the win Dons!