The Recruiting class (or lack there of) for Seton Hall University's basketball team in 2013-14

Aquille Carr announces his plans to go over seas through his twitter page.

Seton Hall University's basketball program is in a weird position this summer. After 2 of their recruits who had verbally committed decided that Seton Hall is not the place for them, they are left with a shocking total of 0 recruits for the 2013-2014 season.

After being arrested and charged with felony robbery, Jerron Wilbut is no longer committed to Seton Hall and the 6'3 guard from Illinois will have a hard time finding a school that is willing to give him a scholarship. The walking highlight, Aquille Carr, who was seen as part of the renaissance of the Seton Hall program also faced legal troubles last year when he was arrested for domestic battery for beating his 27 year old baby mother. Although to many people this was a red flag, Seton Hall still wanted Carr who on January 27th, 2012 at a game in Newark, NJ said "That's still my school. It's going to feel great when I get to Seton Hall."

We now see that while he may have meant those words at the moment, things have obviously changed. Carr who is 19 years old announced on March 12, 2013 through his twitter account that he was going overseas  tweeting "The money wont always be there gotta get it when you can I turned it down last time not this time" followed by 3 money bags.

So Seton Hall is left in a situation they have probably never had to face prior to this. The Pirates are in desperation mode when it comes to recruits and after a season where they reached the top 25 at a point they want to follow that up with an even better year. Sterling Gibbs, who had to sit out last year after transferring from Texas, will be eligible this year and the 6'1 sophomore point guard who attended Seton Hall Prep High School will probably have the starting spot for the Pirates now that he does not have to compete with the money hungry Aquille Carr for the starting job.