inRecruit launches first ever cloud based real-time News Tracker for its users

inRecruit launches custom News Tracker for its users

Using proprietary technology, has developed the first ever real-time custom sports news tracker for athletes, coaches, sportswriters and sports fans seeking real-time news on themselves and their favorite coaches, recruits and sports teams.

“The inRecruit real-time news tracker is a dynamic piece of technology for the sports world which captures everything you would want in terms of tracking, saving and sharing news.” said Joseph Rocco co-founder of inRecruit.

The InRecruit News Tracker was developed by inRecruit using proprietary news monitoring technology. It is the first ever real-time athletic news & information technology feature that creates a cloud-based virtual news scrapbook and enables sharing and distribution across various platforms. This news component can be used by the hundreds of millions of youth athletes in the world seeking to get the news on themselves in real-time. It also gives athletes and their families a place to store these articles forever in a scrapbook format where they can push or share these articles across multiple platforms including email and social media.

Coaches can use the news tracker to “track” the athletes they are recruiting and to receive push notifications on relevant news articles so they no longer have to search the web for this scattered information. Sports fans can use the news tracker to get the news in real-time on any athlete or team that they are interested in. Sportswriters can use the news tracker to get real-time “push” notifications on their own articles which they can store FOREVER in the inRecruit cloud.

Here’s how to use the News Tracker.

1-Sign into inRecruit

2-Click the “News Tracker” Tab in the bottom middle of the screen.

3- Then click “Add Entry” to add player, coach or team names.

4- From there, just type in the NAME of the player, coach or team you want to track and click SAVE. 

5- Repeat the same exact process above to add additional players, coaches and teams.

*HELPFUL HINT: Try inserting YOUR OWN NAME to get all news mentions on yourself in real-time.


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