inRecruit launches "Groups" feature for sharing

Use the IR Groups Feature to Share Articles, Photos & Videos to large Groups

The inRecruit “Groups” feature can be used to share articles, photos and videos to large groups via text and email.

Here is How to Use the “Groups” feature:

1-Log in with your inRecruit profile and click “Groups” on your the clipboard;

2- Click “Create Group”;

3- Name your Group within the “Add Group Name” box (e.g. “Friends”, “Family”, “Co-Workers, “Team Members” etc);

4- Input email or cell phone numbers for your Group members with the “Add Email or Phone Number” tab;

5- Click “Save” and you are done.

Helpful Hint: Try sharing an article to one of your Groups by clicking on the “IR Share” icon next to each article. Once you click the IR Share icon, you will see an option to select one of more of your Groups to share the article to.


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