The Battle for Bluiett

With 16 schools ranging from D.C. to California making offers, Trevon Bluiett has become the center of a nationwide recruiting battle. The 6-5, 185 pound Indianapolis guard is noted for his tremendous outside game which has led to the onslaught of offers from some of the nation’s top programs including Louisville, Indiana, Butler, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Notre Dame, Xavier, and Cincinnati. 

Currently the battle for Bluiett has four major players. Indiana has been pursuing Bluiett since he was 15. Butler, only a few minutes from Bluiett’s home, has also been pitching their recent success. Michigan and John Beilein have also made their interest apparent.

The most interesting school vying for Bluiett’s commitment is UCLA under the direction of former Indiana native and star Steve Alford.  Under Steve Alford’s belt is Bluiett’s former high school coach Ed Schilling who was recently hired as a UCLA assistant. Regardless of where he lands Bluiett will make an immediate impact with his consistent outside game and length.