Scholarship Trouble in South Orange

As the final seconds ran off the clock during a season ending loss to Syracuse at Madison Square Garden, coach Kevin Willard would have a hard time believing he would face the obstacles he has this off-season.

Back in April, freshman pointguard Tom Maayan returned to Israel to fulfill an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) date. After missing the date, Maayan was detained for 48 hours and was allegedly unable to return to the US until a 3 year service requirement was met (SB Nation). Earlier in the week, it looked as if Maayan's future at Seton Hall was over, but new reports suggest otherwise. Despite interest from many Israeli pro teams, Maayan seemingly hopes to return as he is continually negotiating with the IDF. This will make for an interesting situation with the recruitment of Sterling Gibbs, a Texas transfer that will undoubtedly compete with Maayan for the starting spot along with highly touted freshman, Jaren Sina.

If this wasn't difficult enough, news has finally broke on the Jerron Wilbut case. Wilbut, a shooting guard from Downers Grove, Illinois decided on Seton Hall last summer. Natrually, the Pirates were ecstatic at landing such a high talented prospect. Unfortunately, Wilbut found himself in some trouble off-the-court in early March after being arrested in connection with a robbery. After being released from jail early, Seton Hall is awaiting the verdict from the NCAA clearinghouse as to whether Wilbut will be eligible for next season.

Assuming Wilbut is cleared and Maayan makes a return, Willard and company will face some tough decisions over the next month. Without Wilbut and Maayan, the Pirates utilize 12 of their 13 scholarships, leaving room for one more player. It would be difficult to pass up on a player as talented as Wilbut, one of the top prospects from the 2012 class who spent his last season honing his skills at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin. On the other hand, Maayan, the team leader in assists last season, would add some much needed depth and experience at the point guard position.

If Head Coach Kevin Willard wasn't already feeling the heat after last season's sub-par outcome, this decision will surely leave him sweating.