All Eyes on the Class of 2014

With the graduating class of 2013 all committed and packing their bags for school, all eyes are on the recruiting class of 2014. According to ESPN top 100, the top 3 recruits are in high demand but are not committed yet.

With offers from 8 top schools, Jahlil Okafor is definitely a standout prospect. First on the list of the top recruits, this 6'10 big man from Chicago is all anyone can talk about. He is very athletic and handles the ball well for an athlete of his size. Okafor is known for his powerful dunks and blocks, usually scoring most of his points in the paint.

Coming in at number 2, Cliff Alexander from Chicago has offers from 10 schools including Baylor, University of Kentucky, Michigan State, and Indiana. Alexander is an excellent shot blocker and, like Okafor, all his points come from inside the paint. Some argue that he has more skill than Okafor but at 2 inches shorter and 40 lbs lighter, Alexander lacks Okafor's sheer size. He told that he plans on taking four official visits to Kansas, Arizona, Memphis, and Louisville. However he may also go on unofficial visits to Illinois, Duke, Michigan State, and University of Kentucky.

At only 6’1”, Tyus Jones of Apple Valley, MN is the top point guard in a recruiting class of mostly big men. He is a good passer and a good ball handler but needs work on his jump shot. According to, Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor have made an agreement to attend the same school (and possibly commit on the same date!). Although this situation is extremely rare, the two young men swear it will happen. And if it does, one school will end up with two of the top prospects in the class of 2014. The two are considering going to Baylor, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan State and Ohio State and have already scheduled an official visit to Baylor in August. Jones said they will also likely coordinate their other four official visits to ensure they see the same places at the same time before making a final college decision sometime in the fall.