Rutgers recruits re-thinking commitments after Rice's firing


The firing of Rutgers' head coach Mike Rice has already started to have an effect on its incoming recruiting class as the father of an incoming recruit, Shane Rector, predictably stated that his son may reopen his commitment from Rutgers. Rector, a 3 star PG from South Kent High School (CT), committed to Rutgers this past January.


Rice’s firing will likely effect the ability of Rutgers to keep its other 2013 recruits as well and may also cause current players to transfer from the program, as often occurs after the firing of a team’s head coach.  Rutgers has 3 incoming commits for next year’s 2013 recruiting class which includes Rector and 2 highly sought after JUCO wings Chris Griffin and Craig Brown. The ESPN Outside the Lines video of Mike Rice abusing his players which caused a national uproar can be found here.