High School Student Josh Ruggles Breaks World Record for Three Point Shooting

Josh Ruggles (

Class of 2015 high school basketball player, Josh Ruggles, might be the best shooter you’ve never heard about.

The 6-foot-1 guard from Wheaton Academy in Western Chicago set a world record for three-pointers in 5 minutes with astounding accuracy (incredible 92 percent (135-147) from the top of the arc). Ruggles is the reigning three-point shooting champ in Illinois so his world record is not exactly surprising to those that know him. You may have seen the video of Ruggles’ record breaking shooting, but most haven’t heard about the ongoing competition that came first.

According to Dime Magazine, during this year’s NCAA Tournament, Josh saw a video of Michigan’s Nik Stauskas set a record by hittting 102 three pointers in five minutes with just two balls and a single rebounder. A few months later, St. John’s player Max Hooper broke Stauskas’ record with 109 three-pointers in five minutes within the same parameters. Ruggles attempted the record a few weeks ago, hitting 111 three pointers in 5 minutes to establish a new Men’s World Record. However after holding the record for just two days, he was beaten by Max Hooper again with 121 3’s.

While Ruggles and Hooper were competing for the Men’s World Record, the WNBA’s Laurie Koehn made an incredible 132 three pointers in five minutes for the overall World Record. On August 8th, Josh attempted and beat the World Record on his Wheaton Academy home court. As the viral video shows, he knocks down 135 three-pointers in just 5 minutes to set a new World Record, regardless of gender.

College recruiters might want to start taking notes because virtually unknown until a few weeks ago, Josh Ruggles is certainly making a name for himself. As of now, Ruggles still holds the record. Who do you think will be his next challenger? 

Check out the video of his record breaking three point shooting here: