Zach Hodskins, One-Handed High School Basketball Star

Zach Hodskins (Photo from

Zach Hodskins, a high school senior from Georgia, was born without his left hand and forearm but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming the star of his high school basketball team. Hodskins is known for his 3-point shooting skills and impeccable passing. He plays with incredible skill and accuracy, almost straight out of a basketball textbook. Van Keys, his coach at Milton High, said, "Zach does things with one hand that a lot of ballplayers can't do with two. It's as simple as that."

As well as being a talented basketball player, Hodskins appears to be a genuinely nice guy. He speaks words of encouragement to total strangers via his twitter page. He tweets about his daily life and engages in conversations with fans and supporters. And when he was offered a “preferred walk-on spot” on the University of Florida’s team, he tweeted about that too.

Hodskins also played other sports as a child. He played soccer, surfed, and was an All-Star pitcher and first baseman by the time he was in sixth grade. However, basketball was always his favorite. Despite being very talented from a young age (averaging 30 points a game in middle school!), Hodskins was overlooked by AAU coaches because he was missing a hand. Although he was rejected, Zach never gave up. In an article with, Bob Hodskins, Zach’s father, gave a shout-out to five men who took a special interest in Zach and arguably made him the player he is today. Terrance Van Lier, Marcus Gibbs, Mario Moore, Spencer Richardson, and Myles Thrash instilled confidence in Zach and told him that, against all odds, “you can do it.”

Being originally from Kentucky, when asked in an article on if he’d like to play for University of Kentucky Hodskins says, "I respect their fans and I know how crazy they are about UK and stuff. But I really do love my offer right now at Florida." So it looks like Hodskins will be packing his bags and taking his talents to Florida.

It will be interesting to see if the University of Florida will fully utilize this young mans talents or if he’ll be cast aside yet again for an arguably less talented player that was conveniently born with both hands.