The inspirational Story of Zach Hodskins

Zach Hodskins during warm ups.

Basketball is mainly about statistics, but let’s take a look beyond that. When recruiting, coaches look for different things such as three-point average, rebounding, agility, athleticism, and many other qualities. I feel that people are forgetting to look at who the person is behind the player. It’s the character of the person that makes them. The player that has the heart, drive, and not just the want, but also the need to win. Basketball is more than just a game; it gives people something to believe in. To believe that they’re playing to make a difference, to give someone else that hope that they can make it. Let’s take a look at Zach Hodskins from Milton High School in Alpharetta, Georgia. He was born without part of his left arm, yet he still managed to earn a walk-on spot for the Florida Gators. Hodskins has a 60% shooting percentage on the perimeter, and his three-point shooting is even more impressive. He has this incredible spark that enables him to transcend his disability. Hodskins has yet to start a game, but he is already such a competitor. People underestimate him and think he can’t play to the potential of an average player, but he can and he has. You can tell the determination he has to get better every day. Zach Hodskins is more than just a player; he is an inspiration to everyone. He has gone on many speaking engagements with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help motivate others and tell his story. His humbleness and the want to be treated just like everyone else is what is going to get him far. Just from watching some of his footage you can see how electric of a player he is. He plays with such ease, grace and discipline it’s truly amazing. You can’t help but to root for him to succeed. Sometimes in the sports world there comes a player that changes the game for the good of the sport and Zach Hodskins just might be it.