Michigan Wolverines: Ready for another chance

With a recent home opener win against UMass Lowell, the Michigan Wolverines have a lot to be excited about this up coming season. They had three players end the night in double digits for points scored.  Last season they made it all the way to the final four, but experienced a devastating loss to Louisville. If Michigan can manage to keep up their explosive energy throughout the entire game I feel they will be able to go extremely far this season.

Even though they were only 6 and 23 from the field and 1 and 9 for 3 point shooting attempts they were able to come out and just dominated. In the second half they went on a 26-2 run over UMass-Lowell. They depended a lot on their defense which produced 10 steals through out the night. Six out of those ten steals came from Freshman Derrick Walton Jr. and Glenn Robinson III. Robinson ended the night with a total of 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists. Walton had 6 points and an impressive 4 assists.

Another standout star of Friday night’s game was Sophomore Caris LeVert, being the lead scorer with 17 points and 5 rebounds. Although he struggled in the first have he managed to be perfect in the second half. Freshman Zak Irvin also came up with 10 points. Jon Horford contributed to the win with 12 rebounds and 5 points.

This game just showed how much potential they have and how they are just going to grow throughout the season. They have a lot of growing talent on their team such as Glenn Robinson III and Caris Levert. I like how Michigan is able to get everybody involved and play their part in order to get a win. If everyone is able to contribute like that at every game I feel they will be strong competitors this season.