Nigerian Native Chimezie Metu cuts List to Five

Chimezie Metu as shown above, will be an immediate imapct for whichever program he looks to further his development.

6′9, 215 lb forward Chimezie Metu out of Lawndale, California named a top five of potential college suitors on Monday, which consisted of California, USC, Creighton, Arizona State and Harvard. considers Metu a top fifty prospect nationally in the 2015 class. Chimezie may be ranked in the top 54 players in the nation for his class, but he is oozing with the potential to be an NBA player. He has a 7-foot wingspan, tremendous leaping ability, is agile, can put the ball on the floor and is a shot blocking machine. t’s refreshing. Chimezie could be the next player behind Russell Westbrook and Dorrel Wright to hail from a Lawndale school to make it to the NBA. The former soccer player, where he played growing up in Nigeria before returning to America in the sixth grade, Chimezie has always had a knack for scoring. He averages 17 points per game. There have been a number of great athletes from Nigeria such as Christian Okoye formally of the NFL Kansas City Chiefs and NBA hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon, but Chimezie is writing his own legacy. 


The Southern California prospect has long arms and a live frame, and can block shots and rebound on the defensive end. Metu’s offensive game isn’t to be feared as much as he should be on the defensive end of the court, but he is improving. Metu actually has a decent touch on his shot, but at times struggles to finish through contact or near the cup as his frame and size would indicate that he should be able to do. This spring and summer, it will be interesting to track Metu’s improved ball skills and ability to handle the ball, along with his finishing in traffic. With his obvious defensive skills, the development of his offensive game could determine his final upside. As his list indicates, though, he’s a lock high major player.

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Rahshaun Haylock