Top 5 College Basketball Storylines to Follow this Offseason

College Basketball Topics to Keep an Eye out for

It has been a few weeks since the national championship game, and universities are wrapping up their semesters around the country. The college basketball offseason is here, and while most basketball fans will be attuned to the ongoing NBA playoffs, there are plenty of things for fans of the college game to follow going into next season. Here are five stories that could influence the college game for years to come.


  1. John Calipari Courted by the Pros: The night of the national championship game, prominent Kentucky alum Rex Chapman tweeted out that Wildcats coach John Calipari had a “done deal” to leave Kentucky to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. Lakers officials denied the rumors, citing the fact that they had not even made a decision on what to do with their current coach, Mike D’Antoni. Still, the possibility is certainly out there that Calipari, one of the most successful coaches of this decade, will leave for the pro game. Even with this year’s tournament success, the last two regular seasons have been difficult for Kentucky, and it would not be a surprise to see Calipari coaching professionals when the fall comes. 
  2. Discussion on One-and-Done: Criticism continues to rise against the NBA rule which forces players to wait one year after their high school class graduates to enter the NBA. Critics maintain that the rule makes a mockery of the concept of student-athletes, and that NBA teams get project players unready for the rigors of the pro game. Some say that there should be no limit, while others say that a wait of at least two years should be put in place for high school prospects. A decision likely won’t come into affect until 2015-16 season, but there are still negotiations that are yet to come.
  3. Who Emerges in Summer Camps? Every year, national summer basketball camps and leagues reveal a new crop of players to excited college coaches. The Nike camps still garner much attention, while players like Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade help promising basketball players at their own functions. For dedicated fans of the college game, it will be interesting to see what players put themselves on the map through a good summer. 
  4. Player Transfers: Recently college basketball transfers have become a huge factor in the game. Maybe it goes along with the trend of college basketball coaches leaving for brighter lights and bigger contracts, but the early summer has become an important time for college basketball recruiters. The transfer portion of the offseason has now become one of the most important aspects of the season. While you may not know the names of many of these transfers, there will be players like T.J. McConnell of Arizona, who come in and make an impact for a tournament team.
  5. Expanding the Game: In the late summer, most players will be returning to campus early, preparing for the season. However, some schools will be traveling, going out of the county to prep for the season. These trips have been overlooked in the past, yet they give a good idea of where the game of basketball is going. The recent trips to Canada by teams like Wisconsin reflect how Canadian players have been making an impact on the game. These trips help expand the reach of basketball and give fans a look at how their teams will play in the coming season. 


In this time of round-the-clock sports coverage, a sport’s offseason rarely is a true dead period for anyone. There is still plenty of work to be done and moves that will shape teams that happens in the summer. This guide just shows a few of the things impacting college basketball in this non-playing portion of the schedule.