The Ugly Side of College Basketball Recruiting

Marvin Clark


Marvin Clark’s tale of woe was released by The Chronicle of Higher Education over the weekend, a story of ups but mostly downs. A former Oregon ducks commit, Clark was left off the program after breaking his foot soon after his commitment. Turning down Arkansas, Iowa and Kansas State Clark was left with a few short months to prove to recruiters that he still had something to offer.

For two years Marvin Clark was under the impression that he would be a Duck. From the moment Clark stepped on campus, he was in love with the facilities and their fast paced nature of play. Marvin may have committed but Oregon didn’t uphold the end of their bargain. After breaking his foot soon after his commitment, Clark was advised to attend prep school to better hone his skills.  Once healed and ready for action, Clark took the court. Elated to play again Clark hit the court attending were assistant coaches from Oregon. After a less than stellar performance, the coaches left without speaking to Clark.

Clark went to bed that night with fears he had lost his chance at overcoming his life long struggle. Growing up fatherless, Clark grew up with five younger siblings and a mother whom struggled with drug addiction and abusive relationships. Clark never had much of a childhood, subject to growing up early he spent his time at home caring for his younger siblings. The court became somewhat of a sanctuary for Clark, a place where his life struggles were left on the bench. A way out, Clark dreamed of becoming an NBA star. A dream dimmed but not faded after Oregon abandoned him.

Clark had been tossed aside by Oregon and most of the other schools that had previously recruited him had followed Oregon. Clark had been heavily recruited by Kansas State, Iowa, Oregon and Illinois all of which soon veered away. Except Michigan State, who had been one of his top options. After months of uncertainty Clark officially signed on April 24th. A lifelong dream of playing college ball had once again been inked but this time it will stick.