inRecruit Video Upload Tips


Uploading videos to your inRecruit profile is essential for getting on the recruiting radar of college coaches.Here are a few tips for you and your connections to help share video files or links to your page.

The obvious choice for the do it yourselfer is the Add Video button on your profile page. Fill out the various fields on the Add Video window and attach your video file. Or if adding a video link, copy in the link as the first step which should auto-populate some of the other fields including the title.

There are also two ways for your inRecruit connections to help add videos to your page. Make sure your profile is connected with any of your parents', coaches' and teammates' profiles on inRecruit. Search for their names and click the Connect button, or check your messages for connection requests from them and accept. 

Connected members can tag you in a video uploaded to their own inRecruit profile, which triggers a notification in the Activity stream on your inRecruit page. Scroll in your Activity stream to locate the video. Click the Import button beneath the video to add it to your profile. The same thing can be done for photos.

You can also give your inRecruit connections permission to upload videos or photos directly to your page. Click on your Connections list and locate the name(s) of those who can upload videos for you. Click on the Profile Access button next to their name(s) and check the boxes next to the permissions you'd like them to have.

For any questions regarding videos or any other inRecruit features, message us on the inRecruit News page, connect with us on Twitter or submit the Contact Us form on



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