How to Contact College Coaches


inRecruit premium members can directly contact college coaches to get on their recruiting radar. Over 40 colleges have already discovered high school athletes on inRecruit including several D1 programs. Our platform helps you easily create a professional multi-media message, notifies you when coaches view your page, and allows them to respond directly to you. Here are some tips on upgrading your account and navigating through the process to get you discovered to play college sports.

The Contact Coaches feature allows athletes or their parents to choose which colleges to contact from hundreds of schools at all levels of competition. Our technology helps you stand out from the crowd by creating a dynamic visual message to promote you to the coaches using your photos, videos and profile information.

To start getting noticed by colleges, click on the Contact Coaches feature on the left hand menu of your inRecruit page.  Search by name or state for the colleges you'd like to attend and click Select. Each month you can select 10 colleges, which can include those you previously contacted if you have new content to share or reach out to new ones.

If you'd like to customize your message to each college, which we recommend, select one college at a time, edit your message, and select Contact. Then go back and repeat the process for each college, allowing you to include the names of the colleges and coaches in the message. If you are pressed for time you can select multiple colleges and contact them all with the same message.

While editing your message, choose one of the different templates and type a note to the coaches. If you have not yet added videos, photos or other content on your page you can also do some of that from within the Contact Coaches feature to help create your message.

When writing your note to the coaches be sure to highlight any athletic or academic achievements such as GPA, All-League honors, SAT score or an impressive stat. Your academic qualifications are just as important as your athletic abilities. There is also a section of your inRecruit profile under Athlete Resume to list your GPA and test scores.

Either before or immediately after reaching out to coaches, fill out as much of your inRecruit profile and Athlete Resume as possible so that they can find all of your information in one place.

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